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Chicago Union News: Mayor Lightfoot Threatening Lockout of Teachers

Mayor Lightfoot promises slower phase-in with on PreK and Special Ed clusters coming in on Tuesday, K-5 on February 22, and 6-8 on March 1.  She threatened to lock out teachers who don’t return to their buildings on Monday.  Dozens of teachers who were in the first phase which was set for January 4 have been locked out of CPS systems and denied pay.

Jesse Sharkey promised that teachers who have been locked out for not returning will not be left out of any new agreement.
The pandemic in our schools has only gotten worse since CPS leadership began forcing Pre-K and special education cluster teachers back into buildings on Jan. 4, and after just 1 percent of the district’s total student population returned on Jan. 11. There have been 223 actionable COVID-19 cases in 150 CPS schools since Jan. 9 alone, even as the mayor and her team continue to characterize their reopening as “successful” and “safe.”


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They don’t treat workers like this in other sectors. Only teachers because they are predominantly women! No respect, no care. I blame the union. Sanitation workers get more respect. Bus mechanics, etc. Put in the money and effort to make conditions safe. Vaccinate them, put in air filters. Teachers shouldn’t have to choose between their lives and livelihoods. Ever since Mayoral control of schools everything has been a politics game, with children and teachers at stake. I say the people who have to live with the rules should have a hand in making the rules!!

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