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UFT Reading Group – Friday February 19 at 6 o’clock

Hello People!

Our Friday and Saturday sessions were well-attended and we had a lively and insightful discussions of various aspects of how our union came into being. We were able to thoroughly cover the preface and first two chapters of The Teacher Rebellion.

I would like to forge ahead with the three that follow. Also, in response to suggestions and questions that came up I am adding some selections to the background reading.
Readings for discussion are Selden’s The Teacher Rebellion (Howard University Press 1985) chapters 3 – 4, and 5. This text will be the main focus of the discussion.

Our background reading includes chapters 89 and 10 of Blackboard Unions by Marjorie Murphy (Cornell 1992). Also, look over the following readings for more background: Mark H. Maier, City UnionsManaging Discontent in New York City (Rutgers 1987) pages 108-118 and Stephen Cole, The Unionization of Teachers: A Case Study of the UFT (Praeger 1969) chapters 3 and 4.

I will send Zoom information, links to all the suggested readings, study questions and session notes from February 12-13 to everyone who registers. Register for February 19

See you Friday!



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