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2/16 Response to the State Education Department on COVID Testing in Schools

The framers of Education Law 906(1) never conceived of students being asymptomatic carriers of a virus like COVID-19 and could infect the families of countless students.

To not test a significant portion of the student population that is known to asymptotic carriers by numerous scientific studies, and endangers lives to in-person school communities, based on this law is dangerous, misinformed and irresponsible.  To make the option to test a choice, rather than a requirement, is a hazard, and no education is being denied as the system has the remote alternative, currently in use by over 75% of students, in place.

Furthermore, the reason why children are not able to get the vaccine yet is NOT because of knowledge that they are not carriers, but because the fatalities of COVID-19 are among older age groups.  This does NOT mean that they should NOT be vaccinated, just why they have not been vaccinated yet.

UFT Solidarity is compelling the UFT leadership to continue to hold the feet of our elected officials on the local, city, and state level to the fire. While we know the City’s Situation Room struggles with a load of testing and tracing in schools and there are many issues in school communities related to keeping a hygienic environment, removing all structures of testing and tracing will make us regress. It is a shame the state is pulling back mandates.

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