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Top Ten Questions to Ask Your Administrator

Top Ten Questions to Ask Your Administrator
Written by Empowered Educator
TOP 10 REAL Questions of overall concern to ask this coming Thursday & Friday as we are to return to school buildings during a pandemic.
Of course, these questions must be immortalized in writing, via a DOE Email to Admin & if push comes to shove, UFT Safety Director in your borough.
1. Can I please have the mandated PPE & Tech I’m required to receive?
2. Where/Who has the anemometer here at (your school)?
3. When/Who will be measuring that the air rate change in a classroom has had 5-6 air changes in an hour?
4. Where can we see those daily recorded measurements?
5. Where can we review the recorded daily cleanings log?
6. Was (your school) one of the 840 schools that took advantage of the NYC Outdoor Learning Initiative?
7. Has (your school) applied this SY 2021-2022 for the NYC Outdoor Learning Initiative?
8. Which areas outside the school building have been allocated for outdoor “classroom use”?
9. There are 3 key aspects on the Intellipure Compact Ionic Air Purifier that needs routine cleaning, inspection, and maintenance. Where can we see those routine cleanings & inspections documented?
10. The Intellipure ionic air purifiers purchased by the NYCDOE are hazardous to our health, especially to those with asthma or allergies. Ionizers generate ozone, a known lung irritant that causes chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath along with throat irritation. Inhaled ozone can make asthma worse.
(And for those teaching in the Bronx) “Asthma morbidity rates are much higher in Bronx children than for other US children.
According to CDC, the South Bronx is one of most asthma-ridden neighborhoods in New York City.”
With that said, when will we expect to spend the ARP money that’s been allocated to our school for our Tech classes to create DIY Merv-13 air purifiers? That will cost $346.02 a year as opposed to the $550 spent on 1 hazardous Intellipure?
Empowered Educator (not their real name) is a born and raised True New Yorker. They are a proud product of NYC public schools and CUNY. They have been in the field of education since 1986. This activist has continued enpowering colleagues, students, and parents through education.
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