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Ten Reasons Not to Vote for Unity

During the reign of Unity, the following changes were implemented…and not for
the betterment of teachers!

1. Teachers lost the right to elect district reps.

2. Teachers lost the right to seniority transfers.

3. Teachers lost the right to a have a position through seniority.

4. Teachers lost the right to a hearing to overturn U ratings.

5. Teachers lost the right to grieve letters in files.

6. Teachers lost the right to grievances …period.

6.Teachers lost earned interest on our TDA accounts.

7. Teachers almost lost the right to have traditional Medicare in retirement.

8. City Unions lost our stabilization fund (that helped with medical expenses) due
to Mulgrew’s mismanagement.

9. Mulgrew shook hands on the current evaluation system that unfairly holds
teachers evaluations hostage to student test scores.

10. Mulgrew welcomed the use of the Danielson rubric in teacher evaluations.
There are more reasons to consider…but consider this…Mike Mulgrew is being
paid $336,452 annually. Just to compare, Kathy Hochul has an annual salary of
$225,000 and she is in charge of the entire state!)

So, in reality, we pay Mike $336,452 to not represent our best interests.

So vote for United for Change…you can’t afford not to!

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