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I need to hear from UFT members like me! Why should I vote for United for Change?

Let’s hear it from rank-and-file UFT members who work in the schools and Central Offices. Why are you voting for United for Change?

To have the best chance for a united opposition against Mulgrew-Unity to get the most votes to actually change the UFT for the better. 
– James Eterno, High School Teacher and Activist

To end backdoor deals and bring back fresh ideas.
– Erin O., Elementary School Teacher

What good is democracy without democratic values, integrity, and ethics? How can we make effective changes that benefit our members without effective leaders and leadership? I’m tired of waiting for these simple wants from our current UFT leadership.
– Debra F., High School Teacher

I have been an active supporter of my union for many years, even when I disagreed with the union leadership. Election cycle after election cycle I have waited for the UNITY caucus to be beaten, but the minority caucuses alone did not have the numbers. Finally, as a united coalition of minority caucuses, I believe we have a good chance of winning.
– Dan L, D75 Teacher

Because I believe in justice and honesty. I notice that people who call themselves leaders in a school system are not real promising leaders. We need leaders who can recognize talent, appreciate it and reward it as opposed to mocking it due to ego! Children matter and so do the teachers and people who lead them the correct way! I’m for justice!
– Ornella D, Elementary School Teacher

I pay union dues, but I have no say in the decisions our union makes. Major decisions, like campaign endorsements and whether to go temporarily remote, should be put up for union-wide votes.
– Shannon C, High School Teacher

I love the UFT. The current administration is not giving us the level of support and protections commensurate with their positions.
– Larry B, Elementary School Teacher

I decided to run with UFC because Unity is so out of touch with its members. Instead of moving forward, Unity has shown and proven that they do not care about the rank and file.
– Odalis S, Teacher Assigned

There needs to be a revival of old-school unionism with fierce advocacy for workers and their rights, and those conversations need to be publicly had. No one is doing that in NYC right now. What should be to most democratic of bodies – a union – has become a monolithic entity more concerned with keeping control and good relations up with the power brokers than actually advocating for the workers they represent. They party with the big shots and collect all the perks, while the people REALLY “doing the work” suffer. That MUST CHANGE. Someone has to step up. [United for Change] will do it.
– Kathy P, Reading Coach

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