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Thank you to our voters, members, and supporters!

The 2022 UFT Campaign has finally come to a close. While Unity Caucus still remains in control of all the Officer positions and 93% of all Executive Board positions, we still have much to celebrate and be thankful for.

Forty percent of voters supported the United for Change coalition. These voters sent Unity a strong message- We will not go back to the way things have been going and change is possible.


We would be remiss if we didn’t discuss the successes of this long campaign:

1. We won all the seats on the High School Executive Board.

2. There were many first-time voters who chose to vote for United for Change.

3. We witnessed candidates and UFC supporters engaging their friends and colleagues through social media and face-to-face to encourage them to vote.

UFT Solidarity believes that “by building up our union, we can return dignity to our profession.” Your actions helped make this vision a reality.


To all of the UFT members who exercised their federally-established right to vote for union leadership: thank you for entrusting us with your votes.

To our dedicated volunteers: thank you for all of your efforts, the talents you contributed, the material support you provided, and the relationship-building which doubtless strengthened union ties within your communities.

To our inspiring candidates: thank you for accepting the responsibility of joining us in our campaign, for working so passionately in the pursuit of a more democratic union, and for providing the encouragement that sustained us throughout the journey.


UFT Solidarity will continue to fight for democratically run, community-controlled schools. We hope that UFC’s many supporters will learn about UFT Solidarity and join us in our work towards advancing the cause of trade unionism within the UFT, guided by the principles of building a democratic union, demanding an end to harmful mandates that hurt educators and thus children, creating member-driven leadership, educating members on how to defend their communities from administrator abuse, organizing the rank and file, building coalitions and fighting alongside allies.

We encourage you to become a Solidarity member and join us for future events. You can find additional information about Solidarity caucus at Solidarityuft.org. Details about becoming a MORE member can be found at https://solidarityuft.org/?page_id=40

Thank you again.

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