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Liza Ortiz, Principal



681 Kelly Street
Bronx, 10455
Grades: 06,07,08,SE
District: 08
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Miss Bliss

This woman thinks she is Napoleon. She suffers from Narcissistic personality disorder because everything she does is about her, NOT THE STUDENTS! She cannot keep good teachers because she does not know how to be an effective manager. The teachers that remain are there because they either fear what she will do if they do decide to leave or have been ran down by her so badly, that they don’t see their own worth as an educator. There is so much stuff out her online about how horrendous she is as an administrator, she deserves an INEFFECTIVE. She once questioned a teacher’s “blackness” and locked a teacher in a padded room, she tried to physically hold a teacher who quit on her by having the school security physically restrain the teacher, there’s even a SoundCloud clip of her in a union busting meeting with teachers. She uses mafioso tactics and has sent goons to teachers homes. She is a horrible person and should not be working in the Department of Education.


She’s a witch! She thinks she is a goddess sitting on a throne. She doesn’t really care about the students, she cares about keeping up appearances whenever the superintendent comes around. She berates the staff and is verbally abusive. Stay away from this bitch and her two lapdogs Louis and Rusmayris!

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