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Erica Mattera, Principal



51 Jefferson Street
Staten Island, 10304
Grades: PK,0K,01,02,03,04,05,SE
District: 31
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She is vindictive and harassed her staff.

Barbara Ann

How do I give this principal 0 stars?

Cabi Nettler

This principal isn’t fit to run a school. She’s mentally unstable.

Lyen Parkner

Erica Mattera is a fearmonger. She instills fear into everyone to protect herself from being reported. She’s very abusive mentally and emotionally to her staff. Terrible leader!

Harriet Pebble

Erica Materra is controlling. She tries to control what her staff does outside of work. She treats her staff like garbage!

Mack Owl

Erica Materra lies and has people who she calls her people to lie for her to get others in trouble.

Absentina aldatime

This principal hides in her office all day. Takes off whenever she wants to go wherever she pleases. Leaves early to run personal errands. She sends others to do her dirty work. Most of the students don’t know she’s the principal. They think the male AP is the principal.

Sosa Helper

This principal allows bullying in her school. She wants to cover everything up and not report. This principal violates IEP’s all the time. She needs to go! She hates her staff and doesn’t care about the students.

Susan B Adams

She was trained by Lisa Esposito at PS 8. Lisa’s clone!

Seymour Buzz

She has harassed her staff for as long as I can remember. No one stands up to her. The staff members who have the ability to make a difference, don’t speak up.

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