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Principal Magdelyn Noboa-Roach

P.S. 069 Journey Prep School

District 8

  • Location: 560 Thieriot Avenue, Bronx, NY 10473
  • Phone: 718-378-4736
  • Grades: PK,0K,01,02,03,04,05,SE

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As a parent of a child in this school, I agree with the accusations that have been made .I have had ties to P.S. 69X for over 10 years. I see this school crumbling right before my eyes . I am amazed that so many wonderful teachers have left since the start of this administration. I remember of a time that admin would greet children walking into school every morning. – That is long gone . During the pandemic, when so many families were having hardships Ms. Roach decided to change the uniform. Over a zoom call she told infuriated parents that surveys were sent home about the uniform input – that’s a lie. She said it was important to wear the same uniform “ that we are a community “- what she fails to realize is that before she entered we were already a community. Everything that was from the old administration was removed including the schools logo. Teachers have told me how stressful it is working under her.


I am a parent begging for someone to help save PS 69 in the Bronx. My two daughters are afraid to go to school because of the bullying, fights, lack of leadership and zero communication in that school. My babies do not even know who the principal IS !!!!!!! Horrible from what it once was ! Save PS 69!


It’s sad that P.S 69 x is not what it used to be, thanks to Ms.Noboa. Her leadership is horrible . I no longer feel safe having my child attend this school. The school is unorganized, lack communication with parents is disservice to so many students. Mandated services on student IEP are not being prioritized, instead they try to scam You into thinking your child is being serviced when they are not. The amount of teachers that have left since she started at P.S.69 is disgraceful. It’s interest that they have children partaking in SEL classes as focusing on emotional health but in the background the leader Ms. Noboa is causing so much anguish that her staff is leaving.
Ms. Noboa if you are reading this, take time and reflect on your year, think about how you can better leader and supporter to the families and staff you work with. You could really learn a lot from your staff, especially the ones that could have been your teacher 30 years ago as a little girl.

Lina Sanchez

1 year later, nothing has changed. Just worst for all. Mrs. Roach never is at the school. Her leadership is a disaster. No parent can ever talk to her. If it was not for Mrs. Melado and the other assistant the school would be closing.

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