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Josette Pizarro, Principal

Josette Pizarro

62-10 108 STREET
Queens, 11375
Grades: PK,0K,01,02,03,04,05,SE
District: 28
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Respect for teachers

Extremely unprofessional principal. Has been known to yell at parents and make them feel inferior. Parents are scared to speak up.


Josette is an all around rude person. She needs to acquire social skills as well as greet her students with love and respect. Sometimes, she comes to work with shades on and ignores everyone.

Frustrated teacher

Corrupt principal! Takes her paras out of the classroom away from their student to do administrative tasks such as answering phones and doing paperwork.

Tired of Pizarro

I teach here. I was leaving work one day and Josette (the principal) was literally screaming in a parents face with her finger in her face. UNPROFESSIONAL


If you love your friends and family who are looking for schools to teach in, you would advise them NOT to work at P.S. 220 in district 28. I have known a couple of teachers, paras and subs that have
worked at this school over the past several years. Staff is relatively fine. The main issue is the principal, Josette Pizarro. Very vindictive and bipolar in her ways. Comes into work with shades on and doesn’t want to be spoken to. Ridicules teachers in front of students. Has been known to stop classes in the hallway when coming from
lunch because they aren’t “on track”, even when they are. Always says “if you don’t like it here, there’s the door” but has been known to be vindictive and put letters in paras/teachers files to those who speak out or have walked out of the school. She has paras doing administrative work such as answering the phones in the office and
doing paperwork, instead of being with their
assigned child. She even went to the point of asking my friend who teaches there if she was taking her anxiety medication. She really forgot she was a teacher and should’ve been removed a long
time ago. She has been reported multiple times to both the UFT as well as District (superintendent), and nothing has been done. She has a handful of puppets in the school who do whatever she wants,
including the school UFT rep who is supposed to help teachers.


She’s a bully and uses her position wrongfully. She doesn’t deserve to be a principal. The way she talks to staff and parents is very unprofessional. She has no disciplinary actions in place for children so they attack teachers and staff with no consequences. She’s blames teachers and asks them “ what did you do to make the child hit you”. . No child should be allowed to hit an adult. She has lazy student aides . One of them is a drunk and often comes to school smelling like alcohol around the children. Someone one from the district needs to come and investigate PS 220 talk to teachers and parents so you can know the real Josette Pizarro. She puts on a front whenever someone comes to visit . She’s the devil

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