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Natalie Perez, Principal

Brooklyn, 11237
Grades: 0K,01,02,03,04,05,SE
District: 32
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Where to begin? In the past 2 years since Natalie Perez came to 376, I have watch in horror and disbelief as a school I was once so proud to be a part of has crumbled to ruins because of her ineffective leadership. She has impossible standards claiming that if we are not up working until midnight every night, then we are not “passionate educators”. The woman literally never leaves her office. Never walks around the school. The students and families have no idea who she is and frequently remark “Who is that??!” This is after 2 years as principal at 376. She loves to put on a show for the district and visitors but she is a total fraud. She loves to boast about being a “school of technology” but ask her any basic tech questions and she has no idea. The woman still doesnt understand the difference between a live stream and a pre-recorded video. And yet – she expects teachers to be tech experts. Every week there is a new initiative and zero follow through or follow up on previous initiatives. She has zero communication clarity. She lies to staff and tells us things are “required by the district” but really its just her trying to show off at our expense. She thinks she has complete ownership to our personal time and has no shame in asking us to work 5, 6, 7 hours unpaid each night. She is offended when teachers ask for per session and then shames us by saying we arent “team players” or we “dont care about the students” because we ask to be paid for our time. She is pety and hyper-focuses on irrelevant details that have wounded her fragile ego and goes on long-winded lectures during staff meetings. She needs to listen to staff survey results, work on actually establishing real, genuine trust with the staff and maybe come interact with us once in a while.

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