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PS 25X
Bronx, 10455
Grades: PK,0K,01,02,03,04,05,SE
District: 07
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True Unity not Tyranny

Pevey is a politically connected and protected snake. She believes she is outsmarting these parents with her marketing pitch. She has managed to ruin a school along with her mentally ill two-faced AP. High turn over among ALL staff (not just teachers). This school year defeated and abused teachers were resigning during the year. All that is going to remain are inexperienced Substitute teachers who are afraid of standing up to this horrible person. This is exactly what they want!
Parents concerns go unnoticed. She has no respect for the safety and education of students.
She is what’s wrong in NYCDOE.
Get your kids out of that horrible school.


Pevey is the most two-faced and sneaky person I’ve ever meet. She hides behind her abusive AP – Belderes. She seems to listen to your concerns and smiles in your face, while plotting behind your back with her AP, and letting her do the dirty work. It’s a good cop, bad cop routine. She’s also extremely passive aggressive, using people’s past against them to throw unnecessary jabs (and some of the information she thinks she knows is incorrect.) For example, in a meeting she made the comment “We didn’t all get a literacy masters” towards me, without evening knowing my experiences or instead of using this to her advantage. She thinks she knows it all, but couldn’t tell the difference between a voice over and revoicing. Her biggest flex is having a child at 15.

Need change

This principal comes off as very smart, caring with a big smile. That is until you know her game. She only pretends to care until you leave her office. She pretty much ran one of her APs out of a job. Our parent coordinator who knows the community and was here forever was pushed out by her, our AP and there “wonder boy”. She lets the AP run the school and by run, run it into the ground. Turnover rate is high and she has unrealistic expectations. She creates many safety concerns in the school and breaks runs weekly!

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