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Dionne Belderes

Dionne Belderes, Assistant Principal

PS 25X
Bronx, 10455
Grades: PK,0K,01,02,03,04,05,SE
District: 07
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How is Dionne Belderes an administrator? She is unfit, has no integrity, and perhaps even a personality disorder. She claims she is the savior of “black and brown” children from white teachers who don’t care. She is inappropriate- questioning religious affiliations and beliefs. She terrorizes and causes division.
She is not good at anything except being deceptive. She will spin a web of lies and create chaos even among the most peaceful individuals. Interesting how she got sent (by shady circumstances) to work in a bilingual school with many passive members of the community. Apparently they are starting to see how damaging she is. When will something be done?
If she walks away with a pension the system is just as corrupt as she is.


Belderes or lucifer, is a horrible “leader” and even worst human being. She has no regard towards people’s situations, work-life balance, CHILDREN and the fact that teachers are human beings! She prides herself in claiming she walks with dignity, when she actually walks with misery and malintent. (You can tell she doesn’t have a life of her own). She sees people as disposable, using them and then turning on them, hiding behind her “Christianity”. Because she talks in circles and for days, people are confused with her level of knowledge. The reality is that she always has someone doing the work for her, first a coach, a sub and the cycle continues, the exception being observations of course. Her observations are based on whether she likes you or not, false events, and God forbid if you actually know more content and pedagogy than her – which is most teachers. She harasses and belittles teachers. You won’t believe the things she has said to teachers and the way she treats them. It’s so sad that a person this cruel, who offers nothing to the field of education and community is so well protected, especially by the Principal Raquel Pevey, who is also on this list. Between herself and the Principal, they have ran away over 12 staff members in the middle of the school year – teacher, coach, subs, parent coordinators and even custodial staff. It’s so sad that there are no consequences.

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