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Grades: 09,10,11,12,SE
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I worked with Pascente at the Roosevelt Campus. He had some sort of building security position at one point. He frequently got into fights with parents.

He also worked as an AP for a time where he went around harassing high performing colleagues. He harassed and fired a colleague with a very high U.S. Regents passing rate. He belittled this teacher for teaching current events on Fridays, and said he was “off curriculum.” He harassed other high performing teachers as well. He valued docility and mediocrity in his staff.

He called himself “proud to be a micromanager” in a meeting with a teacher and a union representative.

The worst of Pascente’s behavior was the inappropriate sexual commentary and behaviors. He said, “he liked them young.” He once rubbed his nipples in reference to the brother of a student in front of a colleague. The district chapter leader, when intervening on the behalf of the teacher at the time who witnessed this, told him that this was potentially “career ending behaviors.”

There’s more though. At one point, a teacher was hit by a student. As opposed to punishing the student, Pascente and pals fired the teacher.

Costa Rica

Similar things at GCHS


At GCHS he has an open door policy to his office for boys to play video games on his large screen tv and have pizza parties. In light of his past can this be grooming? He also allows students to congregate unsupervised in the teachers mail and clock in area at all hours of the day. Is anyone checking their schedules? Doubt it. Most staff do not trust him. In lieu of his past staff harassment and sexual inappropriateness especially involving boys in his care how was he promoted? This should have been caught during the vetting process.

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