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P.S. 118 Lorraine Hansberry 

190-20 109 Road
Queens | St. Albans | District 29
Grades 3-K, Pre-K, K-5
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Former employee

Lacks communication skills and empathy. Has the chapter leader in her pocket. Disregards union rights, plays by her own rules. But!!! will falsely smile in your face. When you leave, she’ll try to call your new boss and TRY to destroy you.


I am not sure how a failing school continues to keep the same administration. Let it be known that the Union in this school is in her pocket will only do what boss lady says. And boss lady has it in for more people than she lets on. More about a show than she is actually about making a difference. No actual support, no logic behind what they do, and a disregard for staff rights. If something negative happens don’t expect her to investigate she will do the bare minimum that she has to and then leave it at that. And forget about her communicating anything with you she avoids emails, refuses meetings, and like the other commenter said an open door policy only applies to some. When you try to leave she will bad mouth you too other principles. Even outside of her district.

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