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Sandra Sanchez, Principal


Bronx, 10467
Grades: 06,07,08,SE
District: 10
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Sánchez is a horrible administrator. If she doesn’t like you, she belittles you and makes disparaging remarks in front of others. She is inappropriate when dealing with students and one has to wonder how in the world did she ever become a principal.


Ditto to the comment above. She is a bully and proud of it. She told students how she had a temper and fought kids when she was their age yet she is just as horrible as an adult. She is disrespectful, rude and belittles all staff members which is unfortunate that great and dedicated staff members left because of her. She likes to tell staff to go ahead and tell UFT they aren’t going to do anything. The title principal has gotten to her head and she thinks she can do whatever she wants and is above UFT and DOE. Please find a new principal for this school.


Where should I start Principal is a joke as a leader she’s horrible. I’ve witnessed here verbal abuse of her non instructional staff . I scheduled meeting with this lady for early morning due to my work schedule and have to wait for her only to be arriving to building 2hrs after sch has begun . My child has told she’s been in the sch. since Sept and only since it’s testing time it’s the first time she ever seen her she did not know who her Principal was. I drop /pick my kids up and she she not there to greet or dismiss nvr. Who ever gave her this job needs to be questioned


Sanchez is an unprofessional, self centered, bad tempered individual. She quote on quote “cares” “loves” her staff and students, but her behavior says otherwise. She hides in her office and lets other staff members do her work for her, but takes all the credit. Seems like anytime she’s “engaging” with her students is when the authorities are involved/around, but other than that she is no where to be found. She clearly has no respect for anyone, but wants others to respect her because apparently without her they’re nothing. Ask any student in the school where their principal is and they’ll tell you they don’t know.


Sandra Sanchez has had the reputation of being unfit for over a decade. Unfortunately due to the pandemic and the state the city is in I had no choose but to enroll my youngest daughter in BDA even after having serious issue with the school 13 yrs ago. Now I have to endure the unprofessionalism and inappropriate comments all over again. A principal whom feels that she doesn’t need to know all issues no matter the severity is unfit to be a principal. A principal who states that it is school policy for young girls to have private conversations and guidance from male aids is unacceptable. For a principal to belittle a child’s feelings is unacceptable. For a principal to allow the child to feel as if advising staff of situations prior to blow ups because there is nothing they will do is unacceptable. Ms. Sanchez glorifies her ability of running the school yet has flat out said I am not involved in the handling of all matters that are deemed not important enough to cross my desk is ridiculous and unacceptable. The ship will not sail effectively if the captain is incapable of sailing appropriately and effectively. The environment is tasteless and not inappropriate. There school shows exploit inappropriate routines with young girls wining and twerking to words of sexual content. The school needs to be evaluated and the administration needs to be changed.

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