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Greta Ratjen, Principal



Bronx, 10465
Grades: PK,0K,01,02,03,04,05,SE
District: 08
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Ms. Ratjen is an ineffective principal. Since the day she has started at P.S. 72 she has been very hostile to her staff, parents and even students. Since she started in 2021, she has brought the morale of the school down. Teachers are always on edge. She micro-manages every aspect of a teacher’s lessons plans, schedule and overall teaching. She screams at students horribly and belittles her teachers. Unfortunately, she gets away with everything in this school. A lot of us have gotten some type of write-up by now. We have had three teachers quit this school year so far and it’s only March. We are miserable. We are not respected as teachers. This is not a great place to work because of Ms. Ratjen. Students are not safe. So far we have had a student bring in drugs to school, one student stab another student with a syringe and our everyday dilemma of teachers getting hit by students with no consequences. Ms. Ratjen does nothing to notify parents of these safety concerns that we have had and students are never held accountable for their actions. I am sure that we will have a lot more teachers quit this year, again.


The person who wrote the 1st comment is SPOT ON.


This school is a nightmare to work in because of this principal. She affects the mental health of students and teachers and seems to get a kick out of it. 12 teachers left last year. I do not see how this woman keeps getting away with this behavior. The previous post is exactly correct. Students physically harming each other and teachers are over looked


The comments above are accurate. Ms. Ratjen abuses her power in the school by talking to staff members however she pleases. This woman is really cold and does not care about her staff members. She stands by the doors of the classrooms and just stares at the teachers. During PPO’s she forces all staff to “clean” the school to make sure it is spotless for the superintendent. She has even made staff members clean the dust of furniture and windows. She goes through teachers desks and closets. Ms. Ratjen does not respect her Assistant principals, taking away any authority they had. The school has gone downhill fast. Everyone hates it here.


The thought of returning back to work in this school makes me physically ill. The staff is treated terribly and belittled in a daily basis . You can not even protect yourself with the UFT rep because she is in the Principals pocket . The turnover rate is completely ignored by the Superintendent. It is a very depressing situation.


So many teachers are leaving , good teachers ….., it is a horrible toxic environment. This Principal needs to be removed .


Working at this school is a complete nightmare because of the Principal.

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