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Gloria Darden | Don't Tread on Educators

PS 226

1950 Sedgwick Avenue
Bronx NY 10453

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Former Staff Member

I worked in this school for two years before I finally was able to find a teaching position elsewhere. The school is FAILING under the administrators here. The principal , Mrs. Gloria Darden, is nothing but extremely unpleasant to work for. Overworks the teachers but little support. Finds the negative in EVERYTHING we do. The students are all at risk here- she says “up the rigor” which is her slogan… how do you up the rigor when these children are two years behind academically? She’s pushing to keep children ON GRADE LEVEL when they come in so far below! Then teachers are rated poorly because we are not teaching rigorous enough. How about you let us fill in the gaps so they can get to where they need to be first? Unbelievable.

Former Para

I have resigned from my position as a paraprofessional this year after coming back from remote. I was targeted once I came back I had multiple assignments. I needed just clarity about my position however the administration team created false claims and send me multiple disciplinary notices. My anxiety level has affected my work ethic. The turnover rate at 226x is high due to unreported harassment by the school administrative team.

Former Teacher

Ms.Darden would force special needs students to address her when it was a known trigger. She would throw her hands up and make loud sounds during observations if she was not happy with the lesson at hand. She forced a learning style on me as a Special Educator that did not meet the needs of my students. When a student was in crisis and the classroom needed to be evacuated she would reprimand the teacher for the class being evacuated. She runs a school with an extremely toxic environment which lead to my departure from the public school system of NY

Disgusted Teacher

Disrespectful , Disregard teachers rights, likes to intimidate teachers. And so much more.

Save our school!

Threatens to take licenses away, she punishes students to not attend events because she despises teachers, send emails all day long to teachers while teaching and wants responses but timeframes not accommodating during the day, takes preps away and lies that they were made up, leaves the building on various occasions without punching out and returns hours later on DOE time. Since she became AP and 14 years ago, about 100 teachers have left either start of the year, mid year and end of year. Many of complained with no results from superintendent, left for health reasons due to harassment, or change of school or career. She’s a disgrace to this field and instead of encouraging teachers, she belittles them and harasses to their breaking point.

Former Staff Member 2

Completely goes against UFT regulations. When she is reminded she puts a personal vendetta against you and harasses.


All teachers, but ESPECIALLY new teachers should avoid working at 226X at all costs! The whole administration, mainly Darden, are completely toxic, degrading, and will ruin any passion or love you have for teaching. I’ve seen the impact their behaviors, actions, and attitudes have on teachers, and it’s heart breaking. PLEASE stay away!!

Former victim

I worked here for a year and almost left the field of teaching. Absolutely no support, guidance or encouragement. She is a mean, nasty woman who bullies her staff and intimidates teachers, both novices and veterans. She’s an absolute disgrace of a woman and should NEVER be in a position of authority when all she does or abuse it.

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