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I have no doubt this was written by the principal herself or her lackeys . She is the worst leader and has destroyed this school get her off this list . Her friends can try to get people to apply by making up lies that she’s caring but it’s not going to work . No one work here she’s horrible !

John Doe

Ha! Dr. Dailey does not belong on this list! Do not believe the comments on this post. Clearly one of her AP’s or friends wrote these false statements. She has got to be one of the worst principals ever. She is narcissistic and vindictive. She also only does things for show to make herself look good. She does not care about anyone. She wants all the attention on herself. This even applies to physical appearances. She wants to be the one to stand out and look good. This is why all of her AP’s are unattractive, sorry to say.

Dr. Dailey is on the admin in need of improvement page where she belongs. I suggest you go to that page and read the comments…which are all accurate!

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