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UFT President Michael Mulgrew


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Steven D Nauman

He has lied to his membership, gotten in bed with our enemies, and threatened to “punch me in the face and push me in the dirt”. Not to mention the lousy contract, now costing active duty teachers money to pay for retiree retro packages.

Martin Haber

What a poor excuse for a labor leader! This guy is a numbskull, and he projects it, and is proud of it! All you need to do is attend one Delegate Assembly, and you will get the whole package: unabashed ego; outer-borough unworldliness; macho posturing; jerky and offensive sarcasm; a true lack of courage and originality; and undeserved cockiness. Mulgrew cannot stand intelligent debate, reasonable dialogue, opposing sides on any issue. The only time I saw him take a stand on an issue that I thought he showed principle on was when he marched for Eric Garner on Staten island, his “home turf”. Oh, and when he allowed the OWS “kids” to keep their backpacks on the UFT building’s grounds, for which a patrol car monitored him form outside 52 Broadway! Other than that, he has been “less than zero”!!!

lisa berman

He has fought relentlessly for a contract during a period when we could have lost a great deal. Our pensions and medical benefits remain in tact. We will get retro pay which is a big deal considering the fact that we were up against the Bloomberg administration.

Kevin Woods

You’re a coward because you know the paraprofessionals did not get paid and you did absolutely nothing but sit on your lazy ass. You are the worst and I hate the fact that I have to pay you out of my check for you to eat and for you to have a roof over your head when I’m in danger of losing both so respectively fuck you.

Brenda Flynn

At least he is consistent! …in not working in the best interest of the teachers-ever! Mulgrew has his own agenda of getting rich for himself. He thinks NYCDOE with their 6-14 years of education are idiots! He hangs a carrot and gets us more work for less pay. His 350K salary needs to go to someone who cares!

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