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Fatimah Ali

80 Underhill Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238

13K009 – PS9

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Anoi admin

She has no idea what she is doing as an administrator. She was removed from a school in the Bronx and it sounds like nothing has changed. She would embarrass her staff over the intercom system while the students were present. What a piece of work.

C. Roberts

Ms Ali took over struggling schools and has turned them around. She is doing an excellent job.


This principal does not care about her children or her staff. Her presence is unknown at the school and school events. She seems to care more about the dog she carries around the school which is something I never understood. I love animals but when you’re in an environment where children are sensitive to all types of allergies as a leader you should be a little more careful posing around the building with a dog. How is that allowed? In addition to that her leadership is ineffective. She does not discipline the “mean girls staff” at her school and allow these adults to speak to our children in a degrading manner. I’ve had several conversations with parents complaining about the school nurse, lunch staff and substitute teachers. What a drastic change from when D’Avilar was there. This principal needs to go. Her actions clearly show that she’s not there for her children and the staff she met there.


I worked with Ms. Ali for several years and she has always had the students interest as a top priority. In regards to her dog being “carried around” this was a program brought into the school and when requested the dog would visit the classroom to provide emotional support to children. They love dogs. Ms. Ali also is extremely dedicated to her profession and has high expectations for her staff. Most complaints are probably from staff members who are less than sub par. It is unfortunate that a principal as competent as her would be on this list.


She was forced to resign and leave DOE. Not surprised.


Fatimah Ali is a passionate educator who is about making an impact and doing whatever it takes. This unfortunately can be very intimidating to the status quo.

Fahim R.

I’m really dismayed that Miss Ali would be made an example of because of the agenda of other personalities, and this ongoing bureaucratic system. I have worked with her for many years, and I found her to be a consummate, professional, extremely experienced. She is a master at working with the children. I cannot say enough positive things about her skills, experience and the contribution she has made towards the children. I have seen her work within the school system and reap great rewards, across-the-board.

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