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Dr. Doris Lee, left.

The Village Academy (District 27), 10-45 Nameoke Street, Far Rockaway, NY.

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ANOI admin

“This principal is the female Donald Trump. She only employs teachers who can be described as loyalists. These loyalists will tell the principal literally anything you say whether it is important or relevant to the school or not. And she will find ways to use those ruMors against you.

She is in bed with the UFT rep and controls him by giving him extra funding and pay; any complaint made to him is given verbatim to her. If you do not smile you will be reprimanded. If you do not agree with any of her rules or policies she observes you and finds ways to give you poor ratings whether they are justified or not. She has whole staff meetings where she shows an image of a bus and says that if you aren’t on the right bus you can get off it at the end of the year (ie: do what I say, when I say it, or leave). She does this despite receiving money from the Bronx plan for being a “hard to staff” school!!! She feels she can say whatever she feels whether it is professional or not. She lists on every coverage sheet who is absent and EXACTLY why they are absent (which I’m positive is illegal).”


She’s bullies her staff. She rules with an iron fist and threats. She’s very unkind and violates HIPPA Laws. She breaks the laws and feels as if it’s not recorded or documented then it’s okay because it can’t be proven.

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