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Melinda Hyer

P.S. 88 S. Silverstein Little Sparrow School

1340 Sheridan Avenue
Bronx NY 10456

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S. Anonymous

Lies in observation reports. Writes teachers up for ridiculous reasons such as taking a day for bereavement. Constantly needs to hire new teachers every year because of the toxic environment she’s created in the school building.

Teacher with Nightmares

Yes! Nightmares is what most of her staff experience. She has ran through several teachers throughout the years. Each year it gets worst. Even her veteran teachers that you would think would stick it out decided to retire or leave. Has had several first year teachers and instead of providing support and guidance she made them rethink their entire career. Gives all her staff poor evaluations so that she could justify everything going on in the school. Parents aren’t allowed in the building unless they are the very few that she likes and/or are part of the PTA. Teachers have gotten written up for talking to parents. Has written up teachers for stupidity like accidentally opening the emergency exit door which teachers usually use to exit the building for the day and dismiss students. Her AP is somewhat decent but is used to do her dirty work. The instructional coach will throw you under the bus and twist what ever you say you to her to make admin hate you even more she’s here spy. Don’t trust that bitch! The list goes on and on like I stated before just nightmares after nightmares. They will literally have you questioning your sanity.


I totally agree with all the comments. She creates the most disrespectful, toxic and punitive environment. She disrespects literacy coaches, teachers, parents and students. She does not belong in a school environment.


She is unfair and straight up rude to teachers and students. The culture in the building is toxic and designed to make teachers fail. Little support is provided so teachers can be blamed for the failures in the school. There has been an almost completely new staff for the last few years; new teachers have quit by December because of what goes on in this school building. In a k-3 school you would expect to hear laughter and joy and see different types of projects around the halls; not here. It was SILENT and bland.

Stay Away

The most toxic work environment I have been in and it’s very sad. It is a shame that for a K-3 school there is NO recess, NO true gym (PE teacher has to do gym in classrooms the entire year b/c she doesn’t like him and refuses to let him use his room), NO art, NO laughter, NO joy the children are not permitted to socialize during lunch, many cry and have stomach aches not wanting to go into the Cafetorium. The children have to sit on red chairs after lunch (one seat in between) and get yelled at for moving or talking. The school is incredibly rigid, incredibly reflective Hyer herself who is also cold, rigid, manipulative and incredibly rude towards staff, children and parents. Hyer sees herself as superior to everyone around her. Admin yell at children’s faces and make disparaging remarks to/about the children, they are also incredibly sarcastic and make disparaging remarks against staff. Hyer and her sidekicks bully staff while trying to portray otherwise, UFT, district people “know about that school” yet nothing is done. The school does not provide bi-lingual education in a Bronx District 9 school, no ELL and they do not honor IEP’s or testing mandates. They refuse to provide anything (report cards, IEP’s etc) in a language other than English. Hyer has no clue what the neighborhood is about, who the people are and what the needs are. She’s on a power trip collecting a hefty paycheck while she runs from her car to the building and from the building to the car, she even avoids parents and sends her sidekicks out to deal while she hides from parents and staff. She lies on observations and reviews of others and writes whatever fits the narrative she is trying to portray wether is accurate or not. She makes incredibly racially biased remarks about staff and children. She does not belong in a elementary school and it is a huge disservice to the community to have the likes of her in a leadership position at a school. She put one of her sidekicks as UFT chapter leader (instructional coach) and they just do whatever she wants, it’s like having no UFT CL in the building at all, she is also rude and lies. The school needs an overhaul. Parents in the community know about this school – this is why enrollment is so low, under 100 children. If you have a choice DO NOT come to this school.

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