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P.S. 145 The Bloomingdale School

150 West 105th Street

Manhattan, NY 10025

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Dr Russo is not a good person. She divides staff and speaks poorly of other staff members. People are afraid to speak up to her.


Dr. Russo is not someone who should be leading a school. The things she does are not in the best interest of the students or staff. She likes to cause chaos that divides the staff and pits them against each other. Staff members who disagree with her are usually targeted-especially veteran teachers. She is unprofessional, speaking negatively about staff in front of other staff members. Dr. Russo is not fit, and should not be allowed, to run a school.


I am retired but I am active and concerned about other educators that are being harassed and mistreated by their Principals or Supervisors just the way I was treated too. After so many years of excellent observations from the new Principal (Garcia/Russo) she prefers to be called Doctor ( a total joke). I am glad that finally she was placed in this list. It is time for Garcia/Russo to suffer the consequences of her directorship. She deserves it. She has caused enough unfair damage (emotional) to many wonderful educators. IT”S TIME TO PAY!!

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