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Police Officer George J. Werdann, III (P.S./M.S. 20)

Grades: Pre-K, K-8

3050 Webster Avenue
Bronx NY 10467

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Jane doe

Carla Ling is vindictive, malicious, unfair and a poor leader. She screams and claps her hands or bangs her hands on her desk. She is a tyrant. She is a big bully. None of what she does involves the well being of children nor improving the morale of her staff. She has done nothing but destroy the morale of her own staff.


When will enough be enough? There are staff that are DEPRESSED from how negative this work environment is that Carla Ling has created. And she doesn’t care. Laughter is her reaction. She loves it. All she does is go after the Chapter Leader incessantly. Its beyond me how she is still is a Principal.

Concerned parent

The report cards from TWO quarters ago are still all messed up. The schedule is really messed up. And Ms. Fortiche is never anywhere to be found. We email Ms. Fortiche questions regarding students being misplaced and their report cards being blank and she never, ever responds. Parents email and call asking for their child’s report card and she doesn’t answer them. Then we heard that she is Dr. Ling’s friend. That makes perfect sense. Why is all of this allowed to continue??


Running a school? I call it bullying and being disrespectful, Dr. Ling should be ashamed of herself. But she has no shame. She’s a Demon Principal, really she is . She has DESTROYED that school. Carla Ling needs to be seen for who she really is and what she’s bringing to the table – misery and overall disrespect. The way she speaks – throwing F-bombs, cursing at her staff and even her own administration – is disgusting and unacceptable.

She’s had multiple Parent Coordinators and they all leave because she is absolutely unbearable. She and her cronie Ms. Fortiche (who I heard is a reject principal) REFUSE to talk to parents. When parents actually go to the school and ask to speak with her or Assistant Principal Fortiche, they refuse. Instead, they have another staff member come down to “deal” with the parent. So many good staff members have left that school due to Dr. Ling’s impossible personality. She seriously needs to be removed. My children’s schedule have been messed up all year. Other parents have the exact same problem. Report cards are not being provided or are blank because Ms. Fortiche STILL hasnt fixed any issues!!! How is the district even allowing this to continue??!!! How??!

Opinions don't really matter

There are a lot of opinions on here. Opinions DO NOT MATTER. What the higher ups need to know are the facts, which are:

1. Carla Ling refuses to talk to parents and constantly calls other staff members to speak to parents instead.

2.AP Fortiche STILL has the students’ schedules a complete disastrous mess, and their report cards as well.

3.AP Fortiche does not answer emails from parents who are asking about their child’s schedule being messed up. She also does not answer emails from parents regarding their child’s report card being messed up(thanks to her).

4.Carla Ling speaks in an extremely
disrespectful manner, including cursing, at her staff members and administrators.

5. Dr. Ling behaves completely different when the superintendent is visiting.

6. Dr. Ling does not hold AP Fortiche accountable for ANYTHING. They are friends.

7. All Dr. Ling and AP Fortiche seem to care about is going after union Chapter Leader Gartner. The sun rises and sets with him.

8. Dr. Ling seems very unstable. One minute she’s fine, the next she’s screaming, and no one around her seems to know why.


Ms. Fortiche is a hot mess. Teachers constantly emailing her about the schedules being a disaster and she never responds. Report cards also may as well be nonexinstent. And she was proctoring a state test!!! However, if anyone has any questions, she can be found at the Dunkin Donuts across the street 3 times a day.

Please help

Your dreams go here to die. Ms. Fortiche and Dr. Ling are incapable of being good administrators. They are the “gotcha” type of administrators and when they can’t find anything, they will make it up. Ms. Fortiche doesn’t seem to do anything except Disney week and mess up the entire school’s schedule, then jacking up most of the report cards for every single marking period. Ignoring emails from parents and teachers regarding grades and schedules must be something that “works ” in her reality.
“Incidents ” and “situations ” regarding the kids at 20 seem to always get taken care of by everyone except them.
Ms Fortiche hides all day long, from everyone and everything. And Dr. Ling is either raging and screaming at people or plotting against people.

1st Floor

This place is a complete hell hole. I was here with the previous administration and Principal Riley was respectful and gave constructive feedback. She was an educator. Ling is the opposite. She has no clue. She is disrespectful. Sounds like a sailor because shes always cursing. Never meets parents. Never visible. Well the only good part for a teacher with tenure is sit in building and make your money. Administration is nowhere to be found. This place is he worst of the worst. Ling you are an embarrassment to this profession. Leave for the sake of the children.

1st floor too

I would say there are two admin there that are visible. Ms. Fortiche? Dr. Ling? Nowhere ever. Famous for not wanting to get involved with parents. I dont know why they run away from doing their jobs. You want to get an Administrator’s salary? Then actually doing the Administrator’s work is part of the package deal. It’s like those two live in their own reality.

The Circus

This place is a circus. Ling has ruined a school that when she came in had culture and an educational vision. Now its a circus with Ling being the main clown. Except this clown curses. Talk about ruining people out of the building and destroying morale. Hey sit back and enjoy the show. Not much can be done.


Us parents in this community are putting together a petition with signatures to send to the Chancellor and Superintendent’s offices. Dr. Ling is an absolute nightmare of a human being and we need a new Principal. What kind of Principal refuses talking to parents? Curses at staff or out loud in the hallway? Screams and curses at their own parent coordinator? And other people who work there? There are parents who are saying they will fight her if they see her in the street because of her mouth and we know they are serious. Many parents have gone to the district to complain and nothing is done.


I believe that is a great idea. A petition to either remove Ms. Ling or place the Superintendent at PS 20 to babysit Ling. Ling has destroyed PS 20. The school needs a new administration. There is no trust with Ling, Fortiche, Kazmareeck and Lopes. They all need to go. All four are useless and have allowed Ling to be unchecked. I hope the petition is received by the district and the administration is relieved of their duties at PS 20.

Middle School Arrivals Suck

Just like this morning Dr. Ling was in the lower school arrival yard and we heard her say she’d rather be here because people know what they’re doing than being over there in middle school because it’s complete mayhem over in middle school arrivals and they don’t know what they are doing.

Isn’t she the Principal? I don’t get it. This is hysterical.


So now Dr. Ling and Ms. Fortiche both refuse to do middle school arrivals and dismissal. They are with the lower grades of course. And Dr. Ling at this point pops her head out for about 2 minutes then goes back into her office. Knew that wasn’t going to last long and that it was for show. And today, She is back to her normal nasty self yelling at everyone and with the rudeness. No surprise.


Dr. Ling needs to go. They are definitely coming for her and there’s no stopping it. She’s getting her behind beat. Parents around here don’t give a f*$k and she needs to watch herself and she needs to watch her mouth. Her mouth is wreckless and she just don’t know how to stop.

Sign Petition

Parents can make a difference. Lets continue to sign the petition to remove entire administrative team. We will take it to the Superintendents office by Mid June. Ling will not change neither will her Assistant principals. The school has no culture and the kids are losing leadership in the building. Many good teachers have left and others seeking to leave.

Not happening

Who in the hell taught Dr. Ling to make decisions??!!!! Every decision that woman makes is based on her emotions – anger being the dominant one. And we all know Dr. Ling got Ms. Penna to run for UFT Chapter Leader. Which is a complete joke, because no one is voting for her. Mr. Gartner is a great Chapter Leader and will continue to be. Always does the right thing. Dr. Ling keeps trying to make this video game that goes on in her head come to life, and the evil guy is Mr. Gartner. She needs to come down to reality.

Penna is a sell out

PS 20 DO NOT VOTE for PENNA. She is Lings snitch. She will sell you out. Mr. Gartner has had P 20 best interest. Ling does not want Gartner and therefore trying to get him out. Ling harasses Gartner just the way she bullies and harasses those she does not like or opposes her craziness. So when you see Penna just let her know she is a sell out.

We are her minions

This is so disgusting and beyond neglect of our children that we service. Here goes Dr. Ling allowing Ms. Fortiche to do nothing. The third and fourth floors of our school at 20 are literally over 98 degrees. they have to be. Yet, Ms. Lazy Fortiche doesn’t lift a finger to figure out where our kids can take the state science test on the first or second floor, which are significantly cooler. They literally do not care about anyone but themselves.

Psycho - Path

The new organization sheet came out today and here we go again with the insanity that has nothing to do with what’s best for the children and it’s all about Dr. Ling retaliating and doing things on purpose. Forget the middle school that was switched around completely….and what about our younger kids? They deserve to be taught by teams of teachers who have worked together and made gains with the kids – who are our priority! Why split teams? Why put teachers who struggle to work with kids in lower school. We are sending non readers to first grade and we are sending kindergarten readers to second grade. Because, why not? At the cost of even what is best for tge children, Dr. Ling needs to “look good “.
We need a strong team. A team that was built by Carlson and Riley. We were proud of our lower school! People were fighting to get into our school. Not any more. Dr. Ling continues her maniacal ways and it is baffling to us at 20 how someone who is clearly so unstable and has serious psychological issues is allowed to continue being Principal.


Hi! I agree with you. I prayed for my kids to be in 20. We tried. I have three. Now, all 3 are in charter. Why? Riley is not there. K is disrespected. I speak to my neighbors. No one wants Ling. She doesn’t care. And who is Fortiche? Lopez ans Ms K can run the school. It’s their school. Hulla has to listen to us parents. I want my kids back in 20 but not when Ling is three.

Way to go Ling

What is the face of a coward? The back of their head when they walk away from leadership. This organization sheet saddens me; its a joke just like the administration that planned it. It is a disservice to the students. Ling has every right to to assign teachers to any post she wants. She can do all that and more regardless if it benefits the students. The beauty of being a principal is that you can wreck a school, destroy the moral of the building, have failing state scores, ruin the culture and drive away great teachers an nothing happens to the principal. Not every school has a great leader. PS 20 has retired two (2) amazing leaders Ms. Carlsen and Ms. Riley. I am sure Ling is trying to figure it all out. But in order to figure it out Ms. Ling you need to be competent so i guess you just never will. This administration has failed PS 20 and the damage is already done.

Where is the support?

“Bronx parent ‘frustrated’ at lack of action from school to protect her transgender teen”

So sad. The drama at PS 20 continues under an incompetent leader. Where is the support for children? I’m sure you have Counselors. Who interacts with parents? Where is the positive energy coming from and which support staff engages your parents? Ling say something because we all know you have a big mouth.

The Parents don’t like what’s happening

We need to say something about our PA President Ada Aponte!?!? We the parents at PS 20 know shes Ms Fortiche friend . But the crap that gets us most is that she never has anything going on. The principal always sends us messages about the meetings . We don’t hear from her and she doesn’t give us agendas Or even makes activities for the families. She does nothing. I guess being that assistant principals best friend must be nice . I wonder if the people at the district know she don’t even live in the Bronx. That lady lives in Yonkers but her kid goes to Ps 20. Isn’t that illegal?? What the hell is going on over there ? I hate to feel like I gotta take my kids out that school but it’s to much . We don’t even have a PA President that can help the parents . Ever since that principal that Ms ling with her nasty attitude came to the school it has gotten worse. It’s sad

Illegal Parent Association President lives in Yonkers

The Parent Association president of 10X020 (ada aponte) actually lives at 23 Lewis Street Yonkers,  NY and ms ling and ms forteech (assistant principal)  are very aware. Ms ling registered the PA president’s son this year illegally!  knowing her actual address is not within the 5 boroughs. Obviously she’s also not allowed to run for parent association president due to not living here and definitely does not represent our community.  

Ms forteech is her best friend.  This was all orchestrated by ms ling so that she can have control of the funds among other things.

PA president needs to be removed. There should be a reelection for the PA. How is tge superintendent and the district allowing these things to continue at 10X020??!!


This so messed up. The yeas is over and there is no changes. The DOE should be ashamed. Another year of this mess. Pitiful. We dont stop because its summer.

Praying for change in the Fall

We have to believe change is coming! 20 Can’t endure another year of this. Registration Is below 800 at this point! Never in the 2o plus years that this school has been open have the numbers been that low. The district has to notice that as well. Yes we’ve had a pandemic and yes charter schools have recruited a lot of public school kids but the leadership has caused this as well. Fortiche is still allowed to screw up Stars, attendance, the program, observations and God knows what else (with no consequence of course). López and Kaczmarek run around the school like maniacs solving issues and Carla sits in hiding in her office Becsue she’s scared to be seen or heard . What the hell kind of school is this ?!?
She’s up for tenure! Let’s see what Hulla does about this .

Open Market Vacancy for Teacher

P 20 looking for a teacher or several teachers. Open market posting for a teacher vacancy at our school. Poor candidate. If they only knew what they will be walking into. LOL.

Ling please leave

Just leave. No need to tell Ling because she will get an email from central that you used the Open Market. Im happy for those teachers that have left 20. Anywhere but 20 is an upgrade. Im hoping i get called soon. 1st grade in September does not look promising. Ling just has to go. What a mess.

Anon Staff

Dr ling is hated by everyone even her own assistant principal. Wow, The state of affairs at 20 is a very dark, depressing one at best. After running upstairs crying to her second floor office Ms. Kaczmarek then proceeded to hysterically tell people who were checking up on her to see if she was alright-that dr ling was verbally abusive to her and that she cursed at her as well. She was telling all of us that she’s going to report dr ling to superintendent Hulla. Probably not the best thing to do (telling everyone), but we all get it. Ms Kaczmarek vowed that she’s reporting dr ling to the superintendent. I sure hope she does. Pity if Ms. Kaczmarek doesn’t


Dr. Ling doesn’t realize how dangerous this new dean that she put into place is. The rumors are that dean baptist makes up stories about her colleagues. Many staff members are saying they do not feel comfortable being alone with her in the room because she will make up stories about them. And word on the street is Dr. Ling believes everything she is saying. Dean baptist has made up stories about mr lynch, ms Barzvi, ms Montalvo, ms comer, ms lopez, ms kim freytes, ms cruz ….. and has had multiple mediations with several staff members. Ms baptist is always the common denominator.

Dr. Ling falls for it every time not realizing how much more damage than there already is she is doing to our community.

And in meditations she blatantly lies. When will administration realize she is a serious problem? The other word on the street is the school she came from a teacher wanted to physically beat her. Wonder why.

Everyone who has come into contact with ms baptist is afraid to be in the same room alone with her for fear that she will create a story about them, as she has done with everyone else. She is a horrible human being and individual who is very calculating. And unfortunately our “leader” is falling for it.


We are all getting swamped with coverages and none of us are getting paid which is not only violating our policy and agreement with the Department of Education but completely disrespectful of our time. We get coverage assignments from AP Kaczmarek, we perform our duties, we hand in our time to Ms. Ravenell and we don’t get paid at all for it. Principal Ling is used to breaching our contract and agreement like this. It’s the norm here at 10X020.

None of us say anything because we are afraid of retaliation. It is very well known that she retaliates if anyone speaks up against her.

Word on the street is last year, for the same reason of not paying us for coverages most of the year and violating our agreement with the NYCDOE, Principal Ling cost the NYCDOE the second highest settlement in the entire Bronx. Thousands and thousands of countless dollars, of taxpayers money, because Principal Ling is a complete animal and refuses to treat us like humans or follow any policies, procedures, or rules.

And if we report her or tell on her, she swiftly harasses and retaliates against us. Everyone knows that about Principal Ling including Superintendent Hulla. And nothing is done.


Honestly Dr. Ling needs to be removed immediately. She makes racist comments about “white people” all the time. She’s extremely inappropriate and curses at people and staff. And sge is not mentally well. She is extremely unstable. She is constantly making irrational decisions that places kids and the staff at risk.

Free Dom

Dean Baptiste is going around behaving as though she’s an Administrator. She’s actually telling certain staff that teachers at 20 don’t teach and that administrators should collect lesson plans everyday. She’s a disgusting individual and completely insane Dr. Ling allows her to follow people around and make up stories. She completely ignores Ms. Kaczmarek and Ms. Lopez and she is completely disrespectful of the staff in general.

Free Dom

Again the middle school students are out of control and running around the building uninhibited. Ajmeer and four girls were found in an empty classroom with the door closed. Who knows how long they were in there or what they were doing.
Ajmeer and a female student were in the hallway playfighting and he hit her in the face. The girl began bleeding from her face. This is not the first time Ajmeer has injured another student with hitting and playfighting.
Students have also been finding vapes in stairwells and telling administrators.

When will enough be enough? 10X020 has officially deteriorated over time and it is not functional at all at this point. The staff all fight with each other, everyone is afraid of being alone around Dean Baptiste because she creates stories about us staff to Dr. Ling who believes everything she says. Parents are allowed in the lobby yelling and screaming cursing about whatever their issue is with the school and Dr. Ling stays in her office with the door shut.


This proves after so many years of complaining… now this is being notice about Carla Ling. https://nypost.com/2022/12/03/nyc-principal-carla-ling-called-rude-by-parents-boss/


she is a bad principal. she will yell at the kids. and respond for someone when they never asked her then say goodbye. am a student at ps ms 20 and one day i go to the main office and i say hey when do we go back to school and i was talking to the secretary then dr ling goes september 8 goodbye in a bad tone. if i was her shew should of kept her mouth cuz no one was talking to her

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