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Principal Jeremy Kabinoff

P.S. 184 Shuang Wen

Grades: Pre-K, K-8

327 Cherry Street
Manhattan NY 10002

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This is a bad principal. He pretends to be nice in the meeting but along with him is the crooked chapter leader kevin yuhas, they are forcing new teachers that violate the uft contract


Kabinoff, AP Kwong and Chin, and Chapter Leader Kevin Yuhas are notorious for forcing teachers to give students high grades even thought students do minimal works. To please the parents, they will pressure teachers to give students 100. This is a shame for such a high quality school.


IEP teachers are supposed to be in the class to support students with IEP. However, under Kabinoff and AP Kwong directives, IEP teachers are taken out of the classroom to grade an internal exam. They violate the law, cheat tax payers’ money and disservice students with special needs. The school deserve a new admin team that will do the right thing. Kevin Yuhas is Kabinoff’s pawn. Kevin would also pressure teachers to comply with Kabinoff’s abusive agenda. Kabinoff and Kwong purposely give teachers a bad evaluation ratings, warning letters, and call in multiple meetings to intimidate and abuse teachers. The speech teacher in the library is admin’s spy. She will report and snitch on you. They have more spies in the buildings. Teachers must stick together to drive out this abusive administration.


Terrible leadership all around. Kabinoff may sound nice to everyone, but watch your back.

This comment is directed towards AP Kwong. She is very bias and gives teachers evaluation ratings based on how she feels like she can point out for no apparent reasoning. There was a time when she wrote one teacher up who hosted a pizza party in the cafeteria at the end of the school year without any further explanation. If a teacher even try to retaliate & speak up, the next day she would informally observe a teacher out of nowhere. Some friction among staffs and AP.
In terms of discipline, discipline is very poor, no actions are taken because this would indeed make the school statistics look bad to the public. Overall, just very toxic.

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