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Ps 111 Jacob Blackwell


37-15 13th St, Long Island City, NY 11101

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The worst. This woman is corrupt and there was a huge case on her negligence regarding bullying at the school a few years ago. The family sued the DOE too. Do not work here. She failed to mention what my job entailed as an “iep” teacher when hiring me. First I was in charge of 100 IEP’s in the school. 1 week in, I was also told to teach 4th grade science ict a few periods a week with a gen Ed teacher. She walked in with district reps and admin on day 3 of school and pulled me aside to ask why I wasn’t teaching. I had no lessons, or access to any curriculum.


I worked at 111 for 1 year. Worst year of my life. Dionne is evil. Pure evil to every teacher. She used to do awful things, ignore ILLEGAL ACTIVITY, and has no idea what being admin or even a decent human being is. I’m genuinely still surprised she has a job. Thankful I got out of there alive. Kids are tough in that school.. with the daily fist fights and chaos… Dionne was STILL the worst part of that school.

Maria Devicarro

This woman is beyond corrupt. Making pre-k teachers teach middle school out of spite. Hiding incidents that should be reported brushed under the rug. Weapons, fights, threats. Turn over rate is high. Has lost a lot of staff. Had staff who were unlicensed to teach children during CoVID. She is ruthless and should be removed.

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