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P186X Walter J. Damrosch School Learn more 

750 Jennings Street
Bronx | Longwood | District 12

Grades K-12

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This woman!!! Not only does she not give a damn about the staff she acts very privileged, since it was her aunt that got her the job!. She doesn’t do her job but yet looks out to sabotage others instead of guiding them. Paraprofessionals in this school are nothing more than her servants. She talks down to all Hispanic para’s!! But she doesn’t play that crap with African American Paraprofessionals!!!! She was sent off to an off site and they got together and got her out!! I feel so sorry for what ever school gets her next. She’s not a team player at all. She creates small little teams so they too target other staff members in her behave. You can thank her mentor Templeman who has been doing the same since she was an AP her self!!!

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