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Grades Pre-K, K-5

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Celinda Sanchez

After being on leave and working remotely, I returned back to a very hostile working environment.
On my first day back I was belittled and humiliated. I was assigned to sit in the lobby and my principal stated “you are not allowed to walk around MY school!” I was being punished and put on display. There was no explanation on why I was facing these harsh consequences! I worked with my student everyday from home, and reported to the school building when I had to.
I was subjected to ridicule while I sat there doing nothing.
The principals cabinet would not even look at me, and these were people I’ve worked with for years.
After a few hours of this demeaning experience, people walking by and staring, but not talking to me, I was pushed to the point of a severe anxiety attack.
An ambulance needed to be called,
I was out for a few days and now felt more anxious than ever before. Upon my return, I overheard the principal stating his lack of concern for me. I was then confined to the basement, sitting there, not being able to interact with anyone or any student! I was only able to leave the basement for lunch, and even then I wasn’t allowed in the staff lunch room, I was forbidden from walking around “his” school.
Other staff members were told not to talk or interact with me, and if they did they received consequences too.
My personal business was shared throughout the school.
I was then placed with a student that required a para, I was the only one available, and now moved into a classroom, where the harassment continued!
I was called into meetings and degraded. Again- I did nothing wrong! This Principal made it clear this time- by yelling, and cursing he was punishing me for working at home with a medical exemption throughout the pandemic.
Knowing this was illegal, and he could not punish me for this- the harshness, and harassment continued. He wanted me to leave his school and made sure to make my life in “his” school an unbearable one.
He even went to the extent of harassing my family member to get to me. My son, who is not even a member of the “his” school community was also subjected to Marlon Hosang’s abuse of power.
Somehow this principal managed to get my son fired from his position working in Afterschool!!
A principal is supposed to be kind and caring. He is neither!
How can someone like this be in a Principal role?
How can someone like this run an entire school, full of staff and students?
How can someone like this get away with treating people like this!

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