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Who or what governs UFT Solidarity?

UFT Solidarity Caucus is not led by any one individual.  Early on, we decided that we wanted to be a collective group of individuals who lead by making democratic decisions and reaching collective consensus.  

This Council consists of nine individuals who volunteer their time to make a difference.  You can read more about how they are elected by reviewing the UFT Solidarity By-laws.

To email the Council please use this address: SolidarityCouncil@googlegroups.com

Our Council for the 2021-2022 School Year:

  1. Kathy Perez
  2. Claudia Giordano
  3. Ibeth Mejia
  4. Daniel Leopold
  5. Lydia Howrilka
  6. Luli Rodriguez
  7. Jay Werner
  8. Fran Amato
  9. Eric Severson


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