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What does DOE Legal Say About Topics in Educational Caselaw?

The NYC DOE’s Office of the General Counsel (aka “Office of Legal Services” or “DOE Legal”) used to publish a series of newsletters titled On the Legal Side for school and district administrators on interesting school-related legal topics.

Please review this index first:

on the legal side index — page 2

Here are several issues of the newsletter that had articles which included filing discrimination complaints, employee discipline, defending human rights cases, letters to the file, grievances and arbitration, the New York Freedom of Information Law (FOIL), and successful discipline.

On the Legal Side — Volume 1, Issue 1 — June 1999

On the Legal Side — Volume 2, Issue 1 — October 1999

On the Legal Side — Issue 3 — Spring 2000

On the Legal Side — Number 4 — December 2000

On the Legal Side — Number 5 — April 2001

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