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Peter Oroszlany

Mott Hall V, Bronx

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Nadine Vetrano

Peter is a very kind and thoughtful Principal .


This man is a bully, he calls himself Petty Pete to the students and staff. He play favoritism with students and teachers. The students can get away with anything, bad mouth the teachers, not do any work and still pass. He is so unprofessional, everyone covers for him and has some excuse for his behavior. He will pick on you for the smallest things, see you in the hallways and pretend not to see you, ignore you because you’re not worth his time. But then laugh and joke around with his favorite teachers and students. He takes out his bad moods on the “weak”, he won’t take legitimate concerns seriously or acknowledge them. He won’t help students in need and he pays students money to like him. This year so many teachers left. I have no idea how he they gave him the uft admin award. He wastes money trying to buy teachers with fancy retreats but all we want is basic respect and support. He’s a tyrant but no one says anything about him in fear of retaliation.


This man should not be on this list, he does not care. He lost so much of his staff this year, and this is due to his rude and unprofessional behavior towards staff, clear favoritism towards certain students and staff, and the environment he’s created in the school. He screams at staff in front of students, treats teachers with clear disrespect (will ignore you, dismiss you), will talk down to staff, and if you do anything to upset him or make him angry you’ll be on what staff calls, his targeted “list” and then, watch out, because he will go out of his way to make you miserable and anxious at the site of him, it seems as if he actually enjoys this, like a sick power trip. The man is a bully. There are students terrified of him and getting in trouble for the tiniest infraction, while other students get away with absolutely everything. The school looks gorgeous from the outside, and he will put on a fantastic fake nice guy act, but the inside is an incredibly toxic work environment.

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