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John Monteforte

John Monteforte
Special Representative for High School

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Camille Worrell

Mr. Monteforte,

I am a teacher at Alfred E. Smith High School. There was Covid testing in my school today. I co-teach with a teacher who tested positive 2 weeks ago. There was also a student –in that same class–who tested positive also. Despite this, I was not called to be tested when medical personnel came to my school for testing, even though I was supposedly on a list to be tested. I am very concerned about my health and the lack of concern by those responsible for deciding which teachers should be tested. When I went up to be tested, although I was not called, I was told that the person in front of me was the last person. I spoke adamantly to Nakea Saddler from In House Physicians regarding my personal situation. She said she was unable to test me! I have been exposed–on my job–but I am unable to be tested when someone comes to my school to provide testing!
This could be a matter of life or death for me. Lines are terribly long, and it is almost impossible to get tested outside. Am I allowed time off to stand on line for 3 hours to get tested? How does this work? I do not feel comfortable or safe at school. Please help.

Camille Worrell

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