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David Doorga

David Doorga

District 75 Representative

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Yalla Yellowstone

This union representative David Doorga is an enabler of horrible administrators. He’s very friendly with administrators while NOT friendly to staff. He is advised on all serious matters, between staff and administration on union discipline matters. He advised a despicable principal to approve medical accommodation instead of medical hardship transfer. This was done to avoid approving the transfer, so that the principal could proceed controlling the false narrative of incompetence, placed on staff. As an administrator why would you want to hold on to staff who doesn’t want to stay? The dark reason is to inflict harm on the staff who is already dealing with disability; he enables the most detestable practices of bad administrators who harm and bully. This is more common in the DOE than not because of David Doorga. Doorga enables the worst principals to continue with their insidious agenda of bullying staff by crafting paper trails leading to fulfill the purpose of termination. He is a sleazy, self serving imposter of a human being.

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