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Robert Bonilla, Principal

PS 217K

1100 Newkirk Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230

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This school is falling apart under his weak leadership. He constantly delegates his responsibilities to other teachers. He has a very short temper and gets easily angry over teachers making mistakes when there is no proper guidance. The school is dirty and unkept. Serious student offenses like starting fires are swept under the rug by him. He is mean and vicious and no teacher likes him.

Fed Up

He mocks teachers and laughs at them in their face. He is responsible for at least two teachers having nervous breakdowns. All he and the APs do all day is walk around the whole building and check what teachers are doing. It’s like being in a prison. He got rid of gifted and talented program even though the majority of the students in those classes were minorities. He destroyed the theater program. Any nice thing the kids had, he takes away. He yells at children who don’t say hello to him in the hallway, he doesn’t seem like he likes children at all. He just likes a position of power.


I can’t disagree that he is power hungry, but there have never been any fires, no one is setting fires in the school so stop lyin. Its not his fault the theater teacher, a person, not an entire dept. was offered a dream job to teach theatre at LaGuardia. We also have a team of custodians who work so hard every single day so I don’t think you are being fair. At all.

The children at the school love him and are thrilled that he is at the door each morning to greet them.I have students who come in the front door just to say hello to him and the APs instead of using another entrance.

G&T has become a lottery. All I saw when we had g&t is the same curriculum but faster. Not benefiting for children.

I do agree that there is a lack of direct guidance but someone is always available to answer any confusion and we are lucky enough to have coaches to support us, and colleagues who DGAF and will March down to his office to get answers. (Love them)

It’s not the same school from when Conti was here and some of the fun and flexiblity is gone, and the pacing is quite militant. He can be hard on us veterans while the new teachers don’t seem to be obligated to adhere to the same set of standards that are expected of us.

I was still surprised to see he was added to this list.

New Teachers Run

Some more insight:

He uses the word housekeeping a lot, housekeeping is the term he uses to give us all additional work. Nothing you do is ever good enough.

He can see from his office who put the ac on (the one with the vents) he’ll call your room screaming if you don’t turn it off

He makes you take down brand new bulletin board paper at the end of every year. If you have the audacity to leave it up, he’ll come to your room and tear it down. Every year you’ll spend hours putting up bulletin board paper. Oh and they have to be in colors that he approves.

He fights with everyone he meets, he once threw balls at the school aides when he was angry. He also fights with the custodians hence now they do the bare minimum and the school is filthy.

He loudly called the secretary a bit*h in front of several people.

We get in trouble for celebrating holidays, you need his permission to celebrate any holiday even Father’s Day.

He lost a student this year for over two hours and police were called. This is because he is unorganized and a poor leader. The door wasn’t locked and no staff member was supervising the door. Note this isn’t the first time.

He routinely yells at teachers, he acts like everyone is beneath him.

If prek and k students come late, they just wander the hallways until a random teacher notices them. No one brings them up to their classroom. This is extremely dangerous.

If students are fighting, he walks away and rolls his eyes.

You’ll be teaching the curriculum until the last day of school, there is no room for fun and the kids are suffering.

Every week he sends a newsletter—this is an article that he copies and pastes, normally the article is on self care which is laughable since you’ll never catch a break here. It also includes shoutouts—names of staff members who do something spectacular (same names every week). We all cringe reading it.

He needs anger management before he should be allowed to continue in this position. His APs are terrified of him so all they do is tell on everyone all day to make him happy. They’re only happy and relaxed when he’s absent. One of them eats eggs all the day and is on her cell phone constantly, the other one is clueless and doesn’t know anything, and the last one works hard but is disorganized and has selective memory.

The positives of this school are the lovely kids and teachers.

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