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Stephen Cobb

Bronx Alliance Middle School

3750 Baychester Ave, Bronx, NY 10466

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This man got this website to delete all the comments made about him. How vain, I don’t see another admin paying those comments any attention.
That should tell you about Stephen Cobb, this man micromanages every aspect of your day, from your lesson plans, the classroom, I’m shocked we don’t have scheduled bathroom breaks.
The students do as they please because they know the teachers will be blamed for everything they do wrong. He tell us straight that he does not care about UFT and it shows, no one speaks up because they are afraid of retaliation by this petty human being who loves his ego stroked daily. He talks bad about teachers in front of students and other teachers.
Again everyone complains, but no one says anything. One teacher D. White goes in his office every morning to tell him anything that is said by any teacher and she will befriend you just to get your input to take back to him. He loves this kind of obedience from his staff.
He is so petty that he listens to anything that woman says, knowing that she lies about any and everything.
You do not get paid for coverages unless your in the “in crowd”. Incidents go unreported a lot, the students tell me things that I know were not reported.
This man make the environment in the building stuffy and the division among staff is caused by him as well. This is why he does what he wants.
Paper work is more than excessive, how is he able to do what he wants? No one will go against this, that’s how. They are scared, petrified of being on the “outs”, how sad is it when adults allow themselves to be bullied not realizing that if we actually unite together, he will have no power. I just want to go by the contract, why is this too much to ask.
This Principal makes you want to scream. He is not an effective administrator, he is a bully and is extremely unprofessional.
I wish they would stop putting these hateful, people in positions of power for them to abuse their power. Mr. Cobb, does not uplift teachers, but seems to find joy in belittling teachers. Every year he finds a target to make him feel better about himself. How does this man get to say a teacher is not good at what they do, when he is so very bad at what he does.

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