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Jessica Fitzpatrick, Principal

Ps 37

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A wicked leader. She has taken good staff and has made their lives miserable with no consequence. She abuses her position as an A.P. Ms. Fitzpatrick is extremely unprofessional and unhinged when she gets upset. She has gone as far as putting ipads infront of the students, while she makes dog houses as a favor for her nephew’s first birthday. The materials come from the DOE. She has her lackeys as lookouts. She also made her best friend a donut wall using again DOE materials for her wedding shower. I will never forget, one day my colleague told me she is in a dark place and that Ms. Fitzpatrick was making stuff up and as a result,, my colleague was contemplating suicide. When I heard my seasoned collegue say this I was mortified. Ms Fitzpatrick has her little lackeys who report to her. If she wants to come after you she will at any cost. It’s unfortunate that people are afraid to report this monster. She is evil.

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