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Lisa Esposito, Principal

P.S. 8 Shirlee Solomon

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Michael Ammirato

P.S. 8 has done exceptionally well in EVERY WAY under the Leadership of Principal Esposito. She knows what she is doing and is the “Voice of Experience”. Principal Esposito is not only an outstanding school leader, she is also extremely understanding, supportive, caring, and fair towards students and staff. She always has the best interest of all students. Many, many stakeholders agree.


The one comment that was made to support Principal Esposito was written by her Assistant Principal, who was hand picked because he would follow her bidding, whether it was right or wrong. Ms. Esposito just has to tell Mr Ammirato to jump and his only response is “how high.”
To state that Ms. Esposito is caring and fair, is a misnomer. Just file a grievance and see how fair and caring she is. The fact that the grievance is to support students does not seem to matter. Her response rather than to work with the teacher is to lie and harass.
She accepts parents lies about teachers; rather than support her staff. This is her gotcha mode. If you question or ask for support, you have just committed a major faux pas. You are then in her cross-hairs. A “U” rating or denying of tenure is her style.
Mr. Ammirato states the “many, many stakeholders agree.” Mr. Ammirato, where are they? Maybe if he harasses and belittles some staff members to agree, you may see some staff members support your comments. Until then, let’s tell the truth. She is not on the Solidarity website for Administrators in Need of Improvement because she is wonderful. She is there because her staff sees the opposite. “Fair” is not the word to be used to describe Ms. Esposito.

Susan Adams

She is a bully, verbally abusive. a liar, a cheat and possibly even a thief.

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