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Giselle Fortiche, Principal

PS/MS 20 P.O.George J. Werdann, III (nyc.gov)

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Dunkin Donuts.

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Dunkin donuts


Dr. Ling put Dean Baptiste into place. She’s terrible as well as a complete liar. Very dangerous for our school community – in order to deflect from her incompetence she goes to Dr. Ling and makes up stories about people-total lies. And Dr. Ling defends her. What an exemplar example for the kids at 20! 10X020 is indeed a special place.
Ms Baptiste walks around the building calling a very black, dark skin woman a “monkey with a nasty wig” and is bragging about name-tagging this black teacher. Ms comer, the teacher she speaks so highly of, is a middle school science teacher. Why hasn’tshe been brought up on charges? If it were a white staff membersaying that Dr. Ling would burn them alive.


Dr. Ling and Ms. Fortiche don’t realize how dangerous this new dean that she put into place is. The rumors are that dean baptist makes up stories about her colleagues. Many staff members are saying they do not feel comfortable being alone with her in the room because she will make up stories about them. And word on the street is Dr. Ling believes everything she is saying. Dean baptist has made up stories about mr lynch, ms Barzvi, ms Montalvo, ms comer, ms lopez, ms kim freytes, ms cruz ….. and has had multiple mediations with several staff members. Ms baptist is always the common denominator.

Dr. Ling falls for it every time not realizing how much more damage than there already is she is doing to our community. Ms. Fortiche knows and doesn’t care.

And in meditations she blatantly lies. When will administration realize she is a serious problem? The other word on the street is the school she came from a teacher wanted to physically beat her. Wonder why.

Everyone who has come into contact with ms baptist is afraid to be in the same room alone with her for fear that she will create a story about them, as she has done with everyone else. She is a horrible human being and individual who is very calculating. And unfortunately our “leader” is falling for it.


AP Forteech has incomplete observations, did none – all of her observations are not legally done had absolutely none of her teachers’ signatures and Dr. Ling had Ms. Ravenell, payroll secretary, print out AP Forteech’s observations and give them to the teachers.
Teachers were asking for our feedback from AP Forteech because she has finalized our observations but never conferenced with us nor gave us anything in writing. Dr. Ling knows all of this. But not a shocker this is what the administration at 10X020 does, pretend that they “did everything we are supposed to do”.

At 10X020 it’s the wild wild west and anything goes because superintendent Hulla does nothing about Dr Ling.

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