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Melody Kellogg, Principal

Emma Lazarus High School

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Most disgusting human being ever. She only hires males and loves them! She also only hires people that are white. There are no diversity amongst her staff unless they are her secretary or substitute teachers. She doesn’t believe in providing students who might have disabilities the additional support they might need which is such a disservice to many new immigrated students.

A Teacher Who Smiles

I interviewed with her and her staff five years ago. She conducted a group interview with other staff members that lasted 2.5 hours (that is not a misprint). The interview was poorly executed. Each staff member asked us a question. It was archaic and grueling. We had to answer one by one… one person after the other. It was not efficient. I can only imagine how the school is run. She could have interviewed us all separately for 15-20 each and we’d be on our way. It felt militant. Not one staff member smiled, ever. For a preK center there was a lot of tension in the interview. Afterward, I unexpectedly met another teacher who was in the same group interview and she felt the same way!

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