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New Utrecht High School

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Eileen McCarthy-Diaz is one of the most incompetent administrators one can come across. She was barely a teacher prior to becoming an AP (a handful of years in a classroom then the IEP coordinator). She has minimal knowledge of SESIS or IEP accommodations AND only performed half of her job. The APO of the school takes care of IEP compliance due to the fact that McCarthy-Diaz did not know how to perform her duties properly. On top of the above mentioned incompetence this administrator does indeed only target teachers of color for discontinuance and termination. She has been caught via email and recording multiple times saying racially insensitive comments. This administrator is vindictive and will use other people’s downfall to prop herself up. Let it be noted that at this time her status as an AP is in question as she has been put on a leave and is no longer actively the AP of Special Education at New Utrecht High School.

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