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Stamatina Hatzimichalis, Principal


Brooklyn, 11219
Grades: PK,0K,01,02,03,04,05,SE
District: 15
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She very unprofessional. She ignores most of her staff and doesn’t even say good morning or afternoon. She only talks to some staff and if she does talk to you it’s only because she has something negative to tell you. In other words she calls you to her office to reprimand. It makes you feel unwanted and unappreciated. Everyone in the school building looks miserable and nothing positive comes out the the staff besides I can’t wait till the school ends. Or I can’t wait to get out of here and go to another school: the turn over is outrageous. Most staff dreads coming to work and it’s not because of students or school it’s because of the administration. Then let’s talk about her AP who has only taught less than 5 years. And in those 5 years she has been in ICT class not even putting her weight as a special education teacher. Her AP is telling teacher how to do their job when she never led as an example. What a joke. Rumor states that she hired her because she is her friend and she will cover up for her when she does all the things she is not suppose to do for example: not reporting all incidents that happen in school. She also is sleeping with the custodian.


What a shame that this evil Ursula continues to destroy what was an awesome school for teachers parents and students. Get Lucifer’s sister out of there and bring back positive harmony to this school .

King Tritan

There should be psych evaluations for adminstration. There is no chance Tina or Amanda Cougan would have ever passed that.
They think they are the “Mean Girls” of the school and in their “Own League” oh boy they sure are. Their own league of ugly, (inside and out) and pure TRASH.

Good news, if you want an out of classroom position at PS131all you need to do is give your voice away like Ariel or water her plants, or buy her a cake that says #1 Principal!

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