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Dr. Cori Regan, Principal

Dr. Cori  Regan`s profile picture

15 Fairfield Street
Staten Island, 10308
Grades: PK,0K,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,SE
District: 31
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Anonymous 37 Staff

This principal is a liar. She uses and abuses staff. She only gives her friends jobs. The AP she hired was a friend of hers who was a speech teacher. The newest AP she hired was a teacher who kissed up to her. She has the worse admin team and doesn’t keep them in check letting them abuse staff and then just blames teachers and paras when they come to her with issues. All she cares about is perception. That’s it. She lies to the parents, they hide so much and put on such a fake show. Staff members want to kill themselves and feel that they can’t get out from under them. The staff all feel miserable. Morale is in the garbage and no one is doing anything to control it. If you even cross her in the slightest way, it’s the end of your career.


As an Ap, she was one of the worst bully’s you would ever come across. Would constantly Harass teachers until they cried and tell the principal they were doing something wrong. When she left to go to district, someone in the office literally said “we are saved”. Unfortunately now she is back as our principal and is even worse. She does not help her teachers when they make complaints against her bully aps. And why would she she is the biggest bully herself. She enjoys making teachers cries and tries to bring them to their breaking point. She is condescending and an all around disgusting human. I don’t know how these people are allowed to be in charge of a school. She is one of the most evil people I have ever met. Something needs to be done with the whole crew of administration at this school.


The whole school was so happy when she left as AP and went to work at the district office. Now. We are back to living under constant scrutiny. Doesn’t listen to concerns of staff, lets her APs bully and harass teachers and children come last.

Jane doe

By far the worst administration I’ve worked under in my 9 years. Doesn’t care for the staff at all. Picks her favorites and treats everyone else terribly. Let’s her favorites get away with everything. Picks on newer teachers and substitutes. Forcing substitute paras to ride the bus is disgusting. They are not covered if they get into a bus accident or hurt on the bus. They are screwed if something happens and Cori does not care. Also giving false promises to hire substitutes if they took the bus and not following up on it is disgraceful. Telling subs that they’ll never be hired if they say no to the bus. Although, Jessica fitzPatrick is the one who demanded subs take the bus, Cori should’ve put a stop to it. Cori does nothing when complaints are filed about her APs. Again, by far the worst.

P37R Staff

One of the absolute worst administrators I have ever dealt with. I don’t know how this woman sleeps at night knowing how miserable her entire staff is at the hands of her and her equally evil admin. (Jessica Fitzpatrick probably being the worst of them all). When you walk into the building you can immediately feel the tension that looms inside those walls. The way the staff walk around with horribly sad or anxious faces, you would think you are in a Zoloft commercial. The amount of bullying and unfairness that goes on in that school is like no other. She was a bully as an AP and now she’s back to be the head bully. Don’t even try to talk to her about your feelings or concerns because she lacks any kind of empathy or compassion and will swiftly tell you that you are just “perceiving” things wrong. She has used that idea of staff just perceiving things incorrectly so many times it is her “go to” move. Maybe she received her doctorate in Gaslighting because it sure wasn’t in anything related to caring about other human’s emotions or education. I honestly think she gets off on making her teachers cry and hate their jobs. If you are ever offered a job at the David Marquis School of the Art of Bullying and Harassment, don’t walk just run!

Anonymous 37 Staff

This school has been going down hill for years but under the leadership of Dr. Regan I wouldn’t trust sending my own kids to this school. While the staff is wonderful the administration makes everyone’s lives miserable. No one is a happy worker unless your friends with the AP and Principal because they are the only people who get treated decently. It’s a mean girls exclusive club. The school looks like a jail. No one smiles, you can’t talk in the halls, saying hi and exchanging platitudes is frowned upon. It has become a demoralized place. Dr. Regan revils in this. Her and her AP staff love the control and to make people miserable. They make it their mission to make staff miserable. She especially let’s Jessica get away with so many illegal activities and covers for her. This is not a place you want to work. Many of the workers don’t want to be here anymore and we miss the wonderful school and family we had.

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