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What is the Executive Board? Why should I care?

What is the Executive Board? Why Should I Care?

By Daniel Alicea, Educators of NYC, and Lydia Howrilka, UFT Solidarity 


The Executive Board meets twice each month, September through June. It is the intermediate policy setting body, in theory, and in practice.

In theory and constitutionally, it takes direction from the Delegate Assembly, and sets policy for AdCom – our elected union officers.

It also takes suggestions from AdCom and forwards them to the DA. It also questions officers officers on how policy is being implemented.

Traditionally, a portion of the agenda includes an OPEN MIC period where any UFT member can request to speak and bring questions and concerns to the Exec board.

The @UFT Executive Board typically meets at least twice a month on Monday evenings. Upcoming EXBD dates are listed here.

We should be receiving a public announcement about the time and location of our Executive Board meetings as per our UFT constitution.

Unfortunately, this is not happening.

Members need to be educated in all union matters and their rights and responsibilities to engage. There are so many new members who are not connected.

The meetings are currently hybrid … in-person at 52 Broadway and virtual. Again, to RSVP and participate in the OPEN MIC portion, email LeRoy Barr at lbarr@uft.org.

If you want to get the Zoom link or speak or just communicate with the Executive Board HS division, fill out this form- https://forms.gle/Brtm39so6h3HJVWx7

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