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Are you a substitute teacher?

Are you a substitute teacher?

UFT Solidarity and the ICE UFT Blog are collecting stories of long term, Z-status, and appointed term subs who have not been receiving their pay and benefits. We are hoping that enough of us can come together, stand together, and fight for people’s rightfully earned salary and benefits.

This is bigger than “my principal likes me” and “I need this job.” You and your family are entitled to full pay and benefits.


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Dr. Carole B. Reiss

I had to leave a position as a sub, after I retired because the DOE would not reinstate my salary. They wanted me to return my pension, and start over as a new teacher after 401 years of service. I did not want to retire from my previous school, but the principal was targeting senior teachers. I now work as a sub, daily rate, no benefits what so ever!

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