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COVID-19 Related Absences and Leaves

COVID-19 Related Absences and Leaves
DOE has released its policies on COVID-19 related absences and leaves for the 2021-22 school year. Release time with respect to vaccination is the same as last school year.

Access these options by speaking to your payroll secretary.

Read the personnel memo

Here are some highlights in light of recent questions:
If I test positive for COVID-19, how much paid leave time am I eligible to receive?

If you have a documented, positive COVID-19 test and are unable to work remotely, you are eligible for excused leave at full pay without needing to use CAR days until you are cleared to return to work. Excused leave may not exceed four calendar weeks. If you are hospitalized, you can continue to receive excused leave until two calendar weeks (10 working days) after you have been released from the hospital or rehabilitation facility.

Will I be paid if my child has been quarantined and needs to study remotely from home?

If you are caring for an individual subject to a governmental quarantine or isolation order, you may be eligible for up to 12 weeks of excused leave at partial pay. Partial pay equals two-thirds of your regular rate of pay, not to exceed $200 per day or a total of $2,000. You must demonstrate that this individual depends on you for care and you are unable to work remotely while providing this care. All DOE employees are eligible for this leave including school nurses.

You may also use CAR days, annual leave or sick leave instead of excused leave at partial pay, but it cannot exceed a total of 12 weeks.

See the full FAQ
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