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Testing in NYC Public Schools- A Survey by UFT Solidarity (with the support of folks in the UFC Coalition)

Per an email sent out by UFT President Mulgrew on December 2, “the city will now allow the testing of school staff on a voluntary basis. Beginning on Monday, Dec. 6, school staff can request to be tested on their school’s scheduled test day.

“According to the new policy:
1. Student testing must be completed before any adults can be tested.
2. Test providers must maintain their schedule and may not extend their time at the school to accommodate staff who want to be tested.
3. Test providers may test up to 10% of staff.
4. All COVID-19 testing of DOE staff is voluntary, but staff must give consent via the DOE’s daily health screening form. It may take up to five days for the DOE to process your consent so please submit it as soon as possible.”

We have been hearing troubling reports from schools. Some staff have not been informed of what days testing is scheduled to arrive at school. In other schools, we are hearing of staff members being turned away.

What is happening in your school?

Remember, we keep each other safe.

This information will only be shared with a small group of people so including your name and email is optional.


Click HERE to start the survey.

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