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Arbitrator Scheinman Attempts to Impose Medicare Advantage (Mulgrewcare) but NYC Public Sector Retirees have studied Sheinman’s award and determined it is “fake news”.

You might be aware that an “independent” arbitrator made a ruling on Medicare (Dis)Advantage (“Mulgrewcare”) for retirees. You can review this ruling by going here.

Upon reviewing the decision and talking with experts, among them the NYC Organization of Public Sector Retirees, UFT Solidarity concludes that the arbitrator’s decision does not carry weight. Arbitrator Scheinman rendered an opinion between 2 different parties that are not suing; thus, his opinion is meaningless.

You can review a statement from the NYC Organization’s Marianne Pizzitola below–

For Immediate Release – Thursday, December 15, 2022 (Source- ICE UFT Blog)

NYC Organization of Public Service Retirees Statement on Arbitrator’s Decision

Mr. Scheinman is voicing the interests of the City and the MLC, neither of whom represent the interests of retirees.  Retirees were not part of the arbitration process.  But if the City seeks to violate Retirees’ rights again, Retirees will once again have to seek judicial intervention to protect their healthcare rights. Mr. Scheinman himself states, “ implementation was delayed by a lawsuit filed by a small group of unaffiliated retirees.”  Since he admits we are unaffiliated, he should not be making decisions for us.  Grandfather current retirees in the benefit arrangements we earned and paid for during our years of collective bargaining and accepting reduced wages and benefits to maintain.  This frees the current unions to negotiate their own benefit changes for those affiliated with them.  Unions are supposed to protect retired labor. Sadly those days are over.  

The MLC has argued for over a year that section 12-126 does not require the City to fund all plans, and that Medicare Advantage is just as good as Medicare.  Six Supreme Court justices unanimously held that the MLC was wrong on the law, and a slew of reports proves that the MLC and Mr. Scheinman are wrong about Medicare Advantage.  If they had any sense of shame, they would not steal from senior citizens, disabled retirees and first responders to save themselves from the UFT using $1 Billion from the Health Insurance Stabilization Fund to pay for raises and other misuse.

We built this City and our former unions.  We rebuilt this City after 9/11.   Grandfather us, or use our suggestions to find savings including allowing us to assist you in leading the nation in developing a Medigap plan we WANT, and get it federally funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid  Innovation.  The MLC needs to think outside the box, and stop boxing us into their schemes.

Marianne Pizzitola


NYC Organization of Public Service Retirees


FDNY EMS Retirees Association

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