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Standing Up for All Members’ Healthcare After Today’s Hearing

Tier 6 and Tier 4 need to care about what’s going on with retiree healthcare right now. As it turns out, Tier 6ers and younger Tier 4ers stand to lose the most if City Administrative Code 12-126 is changed. WE NEED 1 MINUTE OF YOUR TIME.
Submit written testimony (see template below) to the Council by uploading it at https://council.nyc.gov/testify or by emailing it directly to hearings@council.nyc.gov. Written testimony will be accepted up to 72 hours after the hearing has been adjourned.
Dear CM________,
The City Council is being threatened that if they don’t amend the statute to force retirees into the Medicare Advantage, the Mayor will do that on his own. Amending the statute does the same thing! Why should the City Council amend the law if the Mayor will do this anyway? Why do his dirty work? Let the Mayor take the political hit for hurting retirees and remove City Council Members from the ire of retirees and constituents in their next election. If the Mayor does this act, the Retirees will be able to challenge and win this in court where we have been successful because the City has violated the law and this is his way around it. If the City Council amends this Administrative Code, they will affirmatively be hurting retirees and preventing us from winning this in Court. Don’t prevent us from winning again in court. We served our time as employees and have a right to enjoy our time as retirees with proper care that we earned and paid for.

Don’t buy the Big Lie. Don’t amend the Code, protect it like every City Council before you has against a greedy Mayor. Protect 12-126. Scheinman has no jurisdiction over the City Council nor the Retirees.

We request that you do NOT support the bill being introduced on January 9th by Civil Service and Labor Chair DeLaRosa.

Thank you for protecting us from financial peril and losing our healthcare.

Name _________________, Retiree or Employee
Agency, years of service, year retired

Credit: Norm Scott for the letter template and email addresses.
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